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Description: ☑️ RTV SILICONE GASKET MAKER. Reinzosil is a permanent, highly elastic universal room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) silicone sealing compound with fast, acid-free curing. Use for intake manifolds, valve covers, axles, differential covers, oil pans and more.
☑️ ONE TUBE FOR ALL RTV VARIETIES. This one-tube automotive RTV solution is a direct replacement for over a dozen RTV silicones, such as oil-resistant, high-torque, blue, grey, red, and black RTV silicone sealants.
☑️ OIL RESISTANT, HIGH-TEMPERATURE SAFE. Resistant to temperatures from -58°F to 482°F, and briefly up to 608°F (-50°C to 250°C, briefly to 320°C).
Item #: 70-31414-10EA
Condition: New
Single Tube (1 Each, 70 ml Tube) - Graduated Nozzle, Dana Applicator Key Included
Price: $12.50

Items 1-1 of 1