How To Identify a Spicer Axle

All Spicer Carrier Type axles are identified with a manufacturing date (1) and Bill of Material number (2) stamped on the right- or left-hand tube on driving axles. The Bill of Material number may also be found on the carrier in some models as shown in illustration (2A). For independent front suspension (IFS) axles, the B/M number may be located at one of three locations: 1). A vertically positioned tag near the center of the right-hand side support arm, 2) stamped into the left-hand side support arm (opposite end of the camber adjuster), or 3) stamped into the "nose end" of the axle carrier. The location of the information will depend on the manufacturing date of the axle. The axle model number will be cast into one of the webs as shown (3), or it can be on the nose. Each axle contains a gear ratio tag (4), and if the axle is equipped with a limited slip differential, it will have a tag specifying the type of limited slip lubricant to be used (5). Refer to the appropriate model number section for parts identification and a breakdown of the Bill of Material.

Identify A Spicer Axle

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